Wedding Cupcake Table

Earlier this summer I had the pleasure of working with a lovely bride, Laura Ogard, and her equally lovely parents. Her style and my style were so compatible, so it was a snap to pull off a cupcake buffet for her wedding that was exactly like she pictured. Caleb Chancey, a great photographer and all-around good guy, did a beautiful job of capturing this wedding and was so sweet to let me use some of his photos for my blog. (Thanks CC!) And thank you so much to the Ogards for letting me part of this big day!

I can’t get enough of the vintage plant stand that they borrowed from a family friend. It took all my restraint to not take it with me! And the beautiful horse stables the reception was held in couldn’t be beat.

I love a bride who appreciates balancing traditional wedding cake flavors with fun flavors. In addition to classic vanilla and chocolate-chocolate, Laura also chose mint chocolate, strawberry, red velvet, s’mores, and caramel.

Nana Cakes with Empress Stationery

Jessica Stalnaker, this girl, what am I going to do with her? She so talented it’s scary. I was so happy to once again coordinate my cupcakes to her paperie, this time for her Nana’s (pronounced NAH-na, not neh-ha, mind you) 80th birthday party. She had a really fun color palette of light blue, dark yellow, and soft coraly-orangey-pink (?) and I tinted the frosting on the mini cupcakes to match. I love that she took photos of her Nana throughout the years and topped the cupcakes with her face. So clever and funny!

Here’s the rest of the photos from her party; I can’t get enough of Jessica’s details, the drink flags and the postcard sentiments are my fave!

I’m Baaaaack! (and bearing cupcakes)

Wow, thanks so much everyone. I have had some of the sweetest emails, blog comments, facebook messages, and kind words the last few weeks that I’ve been on hiatus. Thank you everyone, friends and strangers, for all the encouragement. It’s made me feel like a million bucks, and I’m happy to return to the blogging world with new energy. Christmas 2010 is in full swing here at work, but I promise no more 2-month long gaps in posts.

So where should start? Cupcakes, of course! I’m so in love with Atomic’s Moonpie Cupcake. A graham cracker crust, fluffy chocolate cake, dollop of chocolate swiss meringue buttercream, MORE graham, and a homemade marshmallow. I’ve had several requests for these over the last few months, and they’re even going on a cupcake buffet for a wedding a couple months from now!

Many thanks to Al Westlake for contributing her joy and pretty face to this post! I think my art direction went something like this, “Hey Al, hold this and look really happy, then you can eat it.” (Oh, and if you have $20 bucks laying around to give to a good cause, buy a t-shirt to help send her on her mission trip to South Africa! You can even pay by Paypal!)

Thanks again for all the love everyone, love you back!

It’s Christmas…time to Bake It Pretty!

When I decided to make some cinnamon cupcakes (with always-delish 7-minute frosting) for Katie‘s Christmas party, I knew that my baking would have to take on an especially festive air. So I turned to Amanda over at Bake It Pretty for some help. What a treasure trove of adorableness that place is! It was a hard decision, but I settled on these adorable tiny aluminum Christmas trees and then some little reindeer friends to go with. Too cute, huh? I love kitsch.

Thanks SO much to John O’ for filling in for Kamin while she’s on vacay. You’re the man, and pretty good photographer to boot!

Empress Stationery + Atomic Cakery collab

Don’t you love how I abbreviated “collaboration” in the post title? It’s so trendy to abbrev these days. What can I say? I am trendy. Yeah.

A couple weeks ago some of my coworkers joined together for an afternoon of creative craziness and had a holiday bazaar where we sold our wares to each other, other colleagues, and the lucky people in our office park. I’m really, really upset that I didn’t get pictures of everybody’s booths, because they all blew my mind. Everything from Lydia‘s oil paintings to Breanne‘s scarves to Tracy’s felted dolls and gingerbread man ornaments, it was a pretty incredible sight to behold!

Jessica, you know her, my friend and proprietress of Empress Stationery, joined forces with Atomic to create a pretty cute cupcake display. Aren’t these AMAZING?! Not sure what her prices are exactly, but send her a line and ask her, because you’ll definitely want some of these at your next get-together.

We’re planning another Crafternoon for the Summer, so stay posted!

I love rock ‘n’ roll, so pass me another cupcake baby!

So, a bit of background first: my dear friend and college roommate, Kristi Crow, is really into this fun band, Honor Society. They were the opening band for the Jonas Brothers on their last tour, and they’ve been hitting the road pretty hard with their own tour lately. The last stop is tonight in Birmingham, and coincidentally it’s the bass player’s birthday as well. So Kristi, being the sweetie that she is, ordered some rock-n-roll birthday cupcakes for the band. I think the fondant guitars and bass drum turned out pretty cute! I’m really happy with the how the starburst on the Les Paul turned out. And of course I had to give the birthday boy a sparkly (fondant) birthday candle next to his Fender J Bass. The most challenging part was probably those pesky guitar strings, made out of royal icing. But hey, those cupcakes sure do taste good, and that’s ultimately all the matters right? Right?

And thanks to Kamin for the beautiful picture!

{the atomic cakery} presents The Elvis

The most classic cupcake perhaps of all, in honor of the most classic rock star perhaps of all. A pompadour of sweet, buttery Swiss meringue buttercream frosting literally floats above a rich chocolate cake. Bonus, this bad boy is topped with sugar sprinkles for a little bit of sparkle, fit for a king, or should I say, The King. Sink your teeth into one of these this week at Spoonfed, or…order straight from me!