Christmas with InSinkErator

I’ve been working on some fun holiday content for InSinkErator, yes, the garbage disposals! They have partnered up with the brilliant minds at Big Communications here in Birmingham, it’s been a lot of fun to work with everyone. Head over to for all the recipes, crafts, entertaining tips, and more!


Trick or Treat Pumpkin Upgrade

This year’s Nichols Family Costume: sullen grunge family who is still mourning Kurt.


But as always, our sassy daughter outshines us…whether or not she’s dressed as a tiny toddler Gwen Stefani. (She said she wanted to be a princess!)gwenstefanitoddlerI really felt like I couldn’t send her out trick-or-treating with just any old orange $1 pumpkin. What a disservice that would be to the glamorous rock princess she is paying homage to?! So, pumpkin upgrade. Here’s a few little tips on how I did it:

You’ll need: Trick or Treat Pumpkin, spray primer, spray paint, some fun Halloween baubles (I found all of mine at Michael’s), and some twine to tie it all together. I also found this cool “E” charm at Michael’s that I added for a personal touch!
GoldPumpkin1Turn the pumpkin upside down to prime the bottom first. Let it dry completely. I also primed and painted the “eek!” black from its original orange. (Orange is my least favorite color, which gets tricky around my favorite holiday!)

Then prime the rest of the outside and the inside thoroughly, but with a thin coat so it doesn’t drip and run. GoldPumpkin3While the primer is drying, get the baubles ready by simply tying them together with your twine.PumpkinCraft10

Paint the pumpkin metallic in the same way you primed it, starting with the bottom.
Pumpkin6After it’s dry, tie on your baubles and you’re ready to go! This Halloween will be the first that Evie will really go out trick or treating, I can’t wait to see her all Gwen’d up and running around the neighborhood with her gold pumpkin bouncing behind her. Seriously, BEST HOLIDAY.

DIY Halloween Award Ribbons

This Sunday my church is having its annual Trunk or Treat for our community here in Helena. This is my second year to be part of its planning committee, because our family just loves it so much. I made these award ribbons so the winners of Best Costume, Best Game, and of course Best Trunk can have tangible evidence to go with their year-long bragging rights.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to put these together, including a time lapse video at the bottom!

Supplies to Gather
1 large spool of wide black craft ribbon
Spools of Halloween print ribbon that is thinner than the black ribbon
Spools of narrow glitter ribbon in a contrasting color (or glitter!)
Best Costume/Game/Trunk ribbon art printed onto heavy stock paper; download here: TrunkOrTreat
A pencil
Additional heavy stock paper or poster board
Stick-on pinbacks
Glue stick
halloweenribbonsa1. Using the Ribbon Art is your template, cut out 2 or 3 additional circles from the heavy stock paper. If the paper you printed your art onto isn’t heavy enough, use the 3rd circle and the glue stick to adhere the art to heavier paper.
2. Cut 10 strips of the wide black ribbon and 10 strips of the Halloween print ribbon to about 3 1/2″ in length. Layer the ribbons, loop them end to end, and secure with a staple.
halloweenribbonsb3. Staple 5 of the ribbon loops onto the cardstock, evenly spacing them as shown above.
4. Staple the remaining 5 ribbons on the cardstock, layering them into the empty spaces. 
halloweenribbonsc 5. Cut 5 small pieces of the narrow contrasting ribbon and adhere them to the circle using the glue stick. Place them so they are in between the top layer of ribbon loops.
6. Layer the 3 sizes of ribbons to make the tails. Cut a triangle out of the end to make a birds beak. Make 2.
halloweenribbonsD7. Staple the tail ribbons to the cardstock.
8. Glue the remaining circle onto the back to cover all of the staples. Add a pin to the back (not pictured).
halloweenribbons10Affix the art to the front, and you’re all done! Also feel free to follow my Halloween Party and Trunk or Treat Pinboards for more ideas! Below is a quick time lapse tutorial of one being made:

National Donut Day!

Donut shops across the country are giving out free donuts, and it’s good day to be an American.

Last summer, my grandmother gave these little wooden wheels to Evie; in their plain unpainted form, they ended up in her play kitchen as everything from cookies to donuts to tiny pizzas. I decided it was time to bust out the ever-trusty acrylic paints and honor National Donut Day with some crafting.

They’re so easy. Just gather with these wooden wheels, a pretty color scheme, and some brushes. 
donutcraft1 Paint your frosting.donutcraft2 And add sprinkles and drizzles!

May 2015 West Elm Craft Night Recap

Another great West Elm Craft Night in the books!

Girls from allover town came together last Thursday night to sip wine, eat cupcakes, make crafts, and have fun meeting each other and creating. We set up right in the front of the store, and personally, just being in the midst of West Elm makes me feel so inspired. I value this partnership with West Elm in so many ways, and am so appreciative for their support of the Birmingham creative community; thanks Jeannie, Elda, and the rest of the staff for all that you do!

The 6:00 session got right to work, and I loved hanging out with these awesome ladies. Sandy, Amanda, Tara, Erin, Jennifer, and Beth were some clever little crafters!



Everyone snacked on red velvet and cheesecake-stuffed chocolate cupcakes and strawberry-mint water. I love the mid-century rolling bar cart they were served on, and that silver star sculpture is perfectly atomic and goes with the rest of that space-era furniture, don’t you think? After running around all afternoon getting everything ready, I was absolutely parched. Lucky for me, my friend Beth hopped over the weekly Farmers Market that is at the Summit each Thursday in the summer, and came back with the Watermelon Lemon cold press from Sprout & Pour. Amazing!WECN1

Abby, Caroline, Casey, and Allison crafted with us during the 7:30 session, and these girls had me laughing from the second they sat down at the craft table. Abby is fellow India-mama; I always love hanging with her and talking all things adoption and India. I’m also hoping I can sneak out to Edgewood one night for Caroline and Casey’s Barre class, it sounds like so much fun! (And how cute is Allison’s shirt?)


Look at these gorgeous luggage tags everyone made! I love them! Great job ladies!

WECN4Thanks West Elm and all the crafty gals who hung out with us last week! We are working on another Craft Night with some other Summit friends for July, so I hope you’ll stayed tuned for more info 🙂


Birmingham Craft Night – Fabric Flower Pins

I am so excited to be back with the next installment of Birmingham Craft Night! I am in awe of how much interest there was in last month’s event, and so grateful to those who attended or gave me some encouragement along the way.

This Craft Night is also supporting something VERY EXCITING in our near future. Unfortunately, I have to keep it a little quite for now (no, I’m not pregnant), but trust me when I say, it’s very awesome, and a worthy cause to say the least 😉

Anyway! This month, to brighten the cold gray winter days we’ve had lately, we will be making these pretty fabric flowers pins:


I made these a few years ago for a Christmas Craft Bazaar at my old company, and sold out within a couple hours. I think they’re so great to accessorize an outfit or tote bag, but also make cute gift toppers and double as a gift themselves! Kind of Frenchy too, don’t you think? I heard the chorus of “this time doesn’t work for my schedule but I want to participate!” so this month I’m going to offer two nights in hopes of being conducive to the busy lives I know we all lead!

When: Friday, February 20 at 6:15 AND Sunday, February 22 at 5:30.
Where: Malinda’s house in Helena, Alabama (address provided upon registration)
Cost: $15
What’s Included: All supplies and step-by-step instruction to make your own fabric flower pin, a craft box with tissue paper for gift-giving (or for keeping!), a hand-crafted name tag waiting for you at your work station, cupcakes, and light appetizers. As a bonus and time permitting, I’ll also show how to make mini fabric flower poms as well! (I also have plenty of wine left over from the last craft night 😉
How to Register: Each class is open to 10 participants, simply email me, malindakay {at} ymail dot com (yes, Ymail, not gmail!) and let me know you’ll be there! Also please let me know if you would like to make a pink, red, or white flower. (For simplicity’s sake I’m trying to limit it to these 3 colors, but if these choices are so terrible to your own personal taste that you’re participation hangs in the balance, then I’m sure we can work something out!)

Looking forward to another fun night of crafts and conversation!

Birmingham Craft Night Wrap-Up

Last Friday night, 10 awesome women were in my dining room, sipping wine, stamping, stenciling, and Sculpey-ing. We had such a great time, and thank you so much to everyone who took this first step with me to see this dream become a reality! I enjoyed meeting those of you who I had never met, reconnecting with people I haven’t seen in years, and seeing so many familiar faces too! Additionally, I was able to make my next payment for our Costa Rica mission trip! I’m a Christian, and one things Christians love to say is, “I am blessed.” It rings very true here. Thank you all, sincerely, so very VERY much.

If you are interested in upcoming Birmingham Craft Nights, please send me an email at malindakay {at} ymail dot com and I’ll add you to the email list, or just follow me on Instagram because I’ll definitely be sharing info on upcoming Craft Nights over there!

Here are a few photos from the night: the wonderful people, the things we created, and the cupcakes we ate. Check out this post for the crafts that we made at this Craft Night, featuring beautiful photos by Spark & Arrow Creative! (And thank you sweet girls for the blog post you did on BCN!)

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BCNphoto 3 copy

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