Cycles Gladiator Wine

I was checking the weather report this morning and this newsline caught my eye:

“Nude nymph not allowed in Alabama restaurants.”

Logically, I clicked on it. Turns out that Alabama’s ABC board has deemed the logo of Cycles Gladiator wine “too much” for Alabama. I could rant here, but I’m not since I’m sure you share my feelings anyway. So I clicked on over to their website and wrote them a letter. I hope it made them feel better and perhaps shed some light that Bama is an awesome place to live and we’re not all “that way.”


Hello there!
I live in Alabama, and I just wanted to tell you that the fact that my state will not allow you to sell your wine here is just ridiculous. I’ve heard of a lot of dumb things come out of this state, but this is at the top.

I have not enjoyed what I’m sure is an amazing product that you have, but next time I go out of state I’ll have to try it, just to give my state’s ABC board a kick in the pants.

Keep up the good work and awesome logos.

Malinda Kay Nichols

Getting artsy with my iphone

Hello there 21st Century. My name is Malinda, and I’ve been waiting to join you for a while now. Now that I have my super swell Iphone 3G, I can now enjoy you and take artsy photos of my fave glassware and my china cabinet and then edit them using this real neato app called Polarized. See? Golly 2009, you sure are A+! Love, malinda kay


Needless to say, I have been trying to catch my breath upon arriving back stateside. Haven’t quite caught it yet, but hopefully this week I’ll have a chance to blog and tell all of you lovelies about my Italian escapades, some wonderful food I’ve been eating out of my garden, and about a million other things too. Thanks for still checking in on me, and please excuse the pitiful lack of posts! But for now, I must scurry to Kamin‘s house for Oct/Nov’s bread pudding photo shoot! Mmmm…