Estimated Adoption Expenses

Adoption is…expensive. And sadly it’s why many families choose not to pursue this grace- and love-filled path towards completing their families. We know that we are called, and that we are equipped, and that being equipped also means having a peace that the funds necessary to bring our child home will be there. Among other things, we are working like crazy and accepting every freelance job that comes our way, being Dave Ramsey disciples and stashing virtually all of our discretionary spending towards our fees and expenses, and pursuing very intentional fundraising (such as garage sales and partnering with JOYN India.) We even refinanced our house, which payed off in a big way!

When our home study is complete, we will have a page set up through a non-profit organization where tax-deductible donations can be made and specifically marked for our adoption expenses. If you feel led to bless our family with a donation, more info and a link will be set up as soon as it’s available.

We believe in transparency and openness when it comes to the cost of our adoption for 3 main reasons: First, if you are supporting us in any way, you deserve to know exactly where the money is going and what it is going to. Second, we hope it shows that a goal that might seem virtually insurmountable by two people who work in the ministry (ha!) can be overcome with disciplined spending and the support of our community. Third, if you’re thinking of adopting, we hope that we can be a resource for you.

Application Fee: $250
Agency Fee: $6000
Orphan Care Sustainability Projects: $250
Home Study Fee: $1750
Post-Placement Services: $1950
Post-Adoption Management: $250
Shipping Costs: $360
TOTAL: $10,560 that is due in 4 equal payments of $2640 (not including $250 app fee). As the pilot family, the 4th installment is scholarshipped, bringing our total to $8170 (1st and 2nd $2640 installment paid as of 09/2015; 3rd and final payment paid 10/2016)
Total Paid in this category: $8,170. Total Remaining: $0

Citizenship and Immigration Services Fees: $890
Immigration 800A Review Fee: $360

Prepare & Enrich Marriage Assessment: $35
Crossings Training: $100
HIV/AIDS Online Education: $16
NCFA (Hague Convention) Parent Training: $195
Birth Certificates & Marriage License (5 copies of each): $107
Legalization of acceptance dossier (authenticated and apostilled): $224
TOTAL: $1,927
Total Paid in this category: $1927. Total Remaining: $0

Fingerprinting for 2 adults: $100
Full medical reports for 2 adults: $439
Full medical reports for 2 adults (at least one update since it expires every 12 month): $439 (Summer 2016 update: yes, we had to pay this!)
USCIS Update: $360 (This may or may not ultimately be required of us; we will have to pay it of our immigration expires, or if we have a major home study update. Please pray we do not have to pay this! (Summer 2016 Update: yes, we had to pay it!)
Major Home Study Update: $500
Supplement 3 Highway Robbery from US Government: $385

TOTAL: $2223
Total Paid in this category: $2223. Total Remaining: $0 

Airfare for 2 Adults and 2 children: $5700
Indian Visas for 2 adults and 1 child, plus Courier Fee and Processing Fees: $548
Passport for Evie: $105
Translator/Guide Fees and Advocate Fees: (approximately $100/day): $100
Round trip travel for Translator/Guide in RIPA region from his home to Hyderabad/Vizag to his home: $400
Ground transportation: $500
Accommodations in RIPA region for our rooms + our guide’s rooms (Hyderabad and Vizag hotel for our family covered with Starwood Points): $400 
Accommodations in Delhi (including roll away bed for Zack, and extra food; free breakfast buffets for two adults that Le Meridian so graciously comp’d for us; nightly rate covered by Starwood Points): $750
Transportation within India (5 flights from Vijayawada to Vizag, 4 flights from Vizag to New Delhi): $1000
Food, souvenirs, tips, ATM fees, and other misc. expenses: $600
Misc. Vaccinations and health measures: $530
TOTAL: $10,633
Total Paid in this category: $10,633. Total Remaining: $0

Child Care Corpus Fee: $5000 (Paid in two installments to Ongole governments and covers the care of our court costs.) 1st payment paid 10/2016: $2500; 2nd payment paid 5/5/2017
Child’s Medical $48
Child’s Visa $325
Bond posted for child: $1000 (did not have to pay this!!)
TOTAL: $5,373
Total Paid in this category: $5,373. Total Remaining: $0

US Court Adoption: $2000
Citizenship Certificate: $420
Birth Certificate: $20
Court Costs: $80
International Adoption Clinic Visit #1: $200
International Adoption Clinic Vist #2: $50
2 Post-Adoption Counseling Sessions: $150
TOTAL: $2,848
Total Paid in this category: $400. Total Remaining: $2,448

Total Paid: $28,726. Total Remaining: $2448 (updated 9/2017)

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