Our Adoption Timeline

October 2, 2014: We randomly attended a general informational meeting with the agency we wanted to use. We told them of our heart and calling for Ind!a, were very excited to hear that they had a pilot family in-process, and that they hope to be opening the program to more families a couple years later.

December 19, 2014: Malinda had a random call from an employee at the agency wanting to talk more about our desire to adopt from Ind!a.

January 2015: Spent the entire month having various phone calls between us and the agency. Seemed more informational than anything, until…

January 30, 2015: 10am phone call from the Program Director at our agency that they wanted us to be one of two Pilot Families for their Ind!a program!

February 5, 2015: Application and fee submitted to agency

February 27, 2015: First meeting with the program director, and official acceptance into the Ind!a Program! We also found out on this day that we were the only pilot family instead of one of two. We also made our big announcement that night!

April 23, 2015: With all of our initial home study paperwork submitted, we began the home study process. The first step was a tour of our agency’s offices where we got to meet their entire staff, which was really encouraging and uplifting because everyone was so excited to meet us, and also excited that their long-awaited program was back in motion! We also had a lengthy meeting with our program director called the Orientation Interview.

May 5, 2015: 1st Home Study Interview (home tour and visit with our case workers)

May 19, 2015: 2nd Home Study Interview (individual interviews)

June 18, 2015: 3rd Home Study Interview

July 6, 2015: Full medical reviews for both of us!

July 15, 2015: 4th and final Home Study Interview

August 24, 2015: Home Study FINALIZED!!!

October 6, 2015: With our Home Study approved on the state level, our Home Study and Dossier were uploaded to CARINGS.

October 28, 2015: Fingerprinting appointment at USCIS for I-800A application

November 2, 2015: I-800A Approval!

December 29, 2015: APPROVED ON CARINGS!

December 30, 2015: Found out about a precious little girl in east India…

January 29, 2016: Officially matched with our little girl! Best day ever!

July 2016: Major home study update, including full medical updates and 1-800A update request. We also applied for our 800A, which is similar to the I-800A, but it seeks approval for a specific child instead just a general approval.

September 29, 2016: We FINALLY received word that her original documents were in the mail on the way to us, and we even got a tracking number! We waited on these documents for the entirety of 2016, and it’s what has held up our process and kept us from moving forward.

October 11, 2016: Documents ARRIVED!

October 13, 2016: Acceptance dossier with original documents signed and notarized.

October 14, 2016: Acceptance dossier authenticated on the county level and apostilled on the state level.

October 18, 2016:  Acceptance dossier back to India!

October 21, 2016:  First major fee paid to India

November 1, 2016: 800-A provisional approval from the US government

November 9, 2016: Article 5 Approval from the US Government

January 3, 2017: NOC!!! (No Objections Certificate) This is a HUGE step!

March 7, 2017: Received affidavit from local court. Printed in US but physically mailed back to local court in India. Once it’s filed in the local court, we will get a court date!

March 9, 2017: Received an email that our affidavit was sent with incorrect info and had to be redone. 😦

March 14, 2017: Received corrected affidavit (in the middle of the Holi festival, which shocked us!). We printed, signed, notarized it, and our caseworker shipped it back to India all in the same day! It is expected to arrive at the local court on Friday, March 24th.

March 20, 2017: Affidavit delivered to the local court. Waiting on a court date, and praying really big that we’ll get one before courts close in May. That’s only 6 weeks away! Please pray with us!

April 11, 2017: Found out our affidavit was accepted and we were filed in court!


April 25, 2017: This was the day that we found out that we had a court date and actually passed court–we did not know that they had scheduled this day for us, so it was a pretty awesome surprise!

May 5, 2017: Written court orders received, and second half of Child Care Corpus fee was requested and paid.

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